Choosing a new chiropractor can be a confusing process sometimes. We want you to know what to expect and to understand our approach to good health.

The diagram on this page is to help you understand the basic 4 steps we use to get you on the right path to good health.


Step 01: Preliminary Exam

It is our philosophy that nobody should be charged to see if Chiropractic Treatment can help them. In this preliminary exam we determine just that. Can Chiropractic Treatment help your condition? If this exam determines that there is a very good possibility that chiropractic treatment can help you then we move you to STEP 02 – The Full Exam.

Step 02: Full Exam

The Full Exam involves orthopedic and neurological examination to determine if there is joint and/or nerve dysfunction. If clinically indicated, weight bearing/upright targeted x-rays will be taken. We have our own in-house state-of-the-art digital x-ray machine which simply means we do not have to wait for your x-rays to be developed. The x-rays are immediately available, since we use digital x-ray, for our doctors to evaluate and get you started on your treatment!


Step 03: Customized Treatment

After we complete a thorough Report of Findings, a customized treatment schedule to get you RELIEF as quickly as possible will be laid out.

We do not require appointments for our established patients! Once you have completed your Full Exam and begin your customized treatment you will not need an appointment. Of course if you prefer to make an appointment we will gladly make one for you or you can use our automated appointment schedule online.

Step 04: Maintenance Schedule

How often you will come in for your maintenance treatments depends on your degeneration levels. Your maintenance schedule can be weekly, monthly, quarterly or somewhere in between.

Patients that do not maintain this schedule of treatment will eventually slip back into the pain and the joint and/or nerve dysfunction they experienced when they first came in. It is empirically important that you keep up with your maintenance schedule to stay in good health!