I’ve always been skeptical about going to a chiropractor, but after I injured my back I decided it was worth a try. I highly recommend Charlotte Chiropractic Center. Dr. Waltz is extremely thorough and explained what the root of my pain was very precisely from an x-ray, and what his plan was to fix the problem. He never hesitated to answer my questions and explain anything in further detail. His office is very clean and comfortable, and the open hours make it very convenient to work around a busy schedule. Overall I have been very pleased with the experience, I’m blown away by how much better I feel now compared to the first day I walked in. I definitely plan to keep coming back to Dr. Waltz in the future.

Ryan B.

Fantastic experience for both myself and my wife. Incredibly personable, as well as professional. After years of orthopedic and physical therapy treatments, we finally have relief.

Edward D.

Dr. Waltz and his staff are phenomenal! I was in so much pain before I came in, and after regular visits, my back doesn’t hurt at all. They are also highly flexible with appointments and have made many accommodations when I get stuck at work or in traffic. Highly recommended!

Casey R.

Until I started going to Charlotte Chiropractic Center, I had never really considered the possible benefits from seeing a chiropractor. My body has always been strong and healthy, having played sports growing up, even into college and beyond. So even though you may not be in pain, I believe that a regular visit to a chiropractor can make a huge impact on how your body feels overall. I’ve had 5 adjustments so far, and with each one, I can feel my hips and lower back loosening up more and more. The professionalism that Dr. Waltz and the staff at Charlotte Chiropractic Center have displayed has made me a regular here, and I won’t be looking back.

Matt F.

I have heard good and bad conversations regarding chiropractors, however, my neck and lower back pain proceeded to get worse. So, I Googled several chiropractic facilities and Charlotte Chiropractic Center was my first choice. I read the reviews and decided to give them a call. Once I met Dr. Waltz his personality and professionalism had me feeling confident with ease….I knew I had made the right decision for me.

Doris G.

Dr. Waltz is amazing. He’s helped me tremendously with my problem areas like my knees and back. He really takes the time to connect with his patients and do what’s best for them. You’ll love him!

Crystal H.

Dr. Waltz is a great chiropractor! He really listens to each complaint and cares about you feeling better. He helped my headaches tremendously. I would highly recommend him!

Emily F.

Dr. Waltz is a fantastic chiropractor who dedicates himself to patient care. I highly recommend Charlotte Chiropractic Center!

Hilary S.
Charlotte, NC