I moved to Charlotte in March 2016.  This move basically destroyed my back.  The pain was unbearable and can only be compared to the feeling that someone had shoved an ice pick up my lower spine.  Just getting up from sitting down or getting out of bed was excruciatingly painful.  It has been 4 weeks since Dr. Waltz first started my adjustments  The results were immediate and astonishing.  In the first treatments the pain was still there but greatly diminished after each adjustment.  I simply couldn’t believe the difference.  I still have some pain if I bend over too often but nothing close to what I had been experiencing.  As I continue my treatments things are getting better and better.  My golf game has improved dramatically with the treatments giving me a much bigger range of motion.  If you are experiencing back pain please see Dr. Waltz.  It could very well be a totally life experiencing change for you!

Michael E.
Charlotte, NC